Voting with Florida Redistricting Maps Strongly Favor Republicans

As Democrats held a sit-in at the Capitol in Florida, the Legislature approved DeSantis’ map. Governor DeSantis, map drawer, Deputy Chief of Staff Alex Kelly did not look at partisan results, and only considered things like compactness, county and state splits and honoring roadways and waterways. The new map is “race neutral” and it did not make sense for Democrats to protest, when the Legislature was trying to conduct business.

Many Americans do not understand what gerrymandering is and how it works in the country. It is very important that when you read this article that you understand how it operates in America, and specifically functions in Florida.

From the Wikipedia, “In a representative Democracy, gerrymandering is the political manipulation of electoral district boundaries with the intent of creating undue advantage for a party, group, or socio-economic class within the constituency. The manipulation may consist of ‘cracking’ (diluting the voting power or the opposing party’s supporters across many districts) or ‘packing’ (concentrating the opposing party’s voting power in one district to reduce their voting power in other districts).

The Republican Party in Florida has the majority in the House, the Senate, and in the governor’s mansion. The Democrats can protest, make statements that the process is unfair but politics is about power. The Republicans in Florida have the power, and the Democrats have no plan to seize power in the state.

The new maps were submitted by the governor and approved by the Florida Legislature. The Democrats and other voter rights groups say they violate provisions in the state constitution, so they are going to court, to sue the state.

Greg Allen of NPR states, “Well, you know, about 10 years ago, Florida voters adopted amendments to the Constitution that now govern the redistricting process here. One of the provisions that they were – that were adopted say that lawmakers can’t draw maps that favor any incumbents or political parties. And under the new map, Republicans are likely to win 20 of 28 congressional districts. That leaves the Democrats with a good chance of winning just eight of those districts.”

Many political activists believe gerrymandering is a form of systemic racism, because the plan from the very beginning is set up for the opposing party to lose, especially if you are a minority. Congressman Al Lawson in the north and Congresswoman Val Demings’ district in Central Florida are eliminated by diluting them with more White counties.

The Florida Supreme Court has also approved the new districts on May 3, 2022. Gerrymandering is alive and well in Florida, and racism is being practiced every day. Black and minority voters are being eliminated in the polls, and the Republicans are serious about winning the election. They are proud when they cheat, and they also appoint and vote in judges.

As the new map makes it harder in two districts to elect Black candidates, the Republican plan is working. It was a foregone conclusion that Republican lawmakers would approve the new maps, and Blacks and minorities would be left out.

“Another part of Florida’s constitution says that lawmakers can’t adopt maps that diminish the voting strength of minorities. And this map from the governor eliminates two voting districts established under court order to protect the ability of voters to elect Black candidates,” says Greg Allen – NPR.

Gerrymandering and racism go hand in hand, and power will stay with the Republicans for another 10 years. The Republicans are in power in Florida for the next 10 years, can the Democrats bring about change, when the situation looks so bleak? 

 Environmental Discrimination in America in 2022 is a Disgrace


In the wealthiest country on planet earth, there are places where people are sick and dying, because they live with raw sewage in their back and front yard. NBC reporter – Yamiche Alcindor has traveled to Lowndes County, Alabama and talked to residents that live in these conditions. Many would think that these kinds of conditions would not exist in America, but they are real.

“County officials responsible for part of the sewer system couldn’t be reached for comment. Sherry Bradley, the director of the Bureau of Environmental Services of the state Public Health Department, showed up at a Justice Department hearing to defend the agency. She is adamant that the Justice Department won’t find any wrongdoing. She argues that when it comes to installing sewer lines from a home to the county’s system, it’s on the homeowner,” writes reporter Yamiche Alcindor.  

In Lowndes County where 40% of the community are poor, and they struggle everyday to eat, and it would appear absurd for people to find money to fix their sewage problems. The majority of people in this rural community are Black, and the failing waste systems has existed for decades, and  sewage water pools have backed up into homes and playgrounds.

It is obvious that a public health crisis exist, but Sherry Bradley, the director of  the Bureau of Environmental Services in the state, a Black woman is suggesting that outhouses could be a solutions to some of the communities’ problems. This is a textbook in systemic racism, and it is taking the Black community back 100 years.

Robert D. Bullard, a native of Alabama, a professor of urban planning and environmental policy at Texas Southern University and a man some call the “father of environmental justice,” says this about the environmental crisis in Alabama. “Race has been the most significant determinant of who gets infrastructure and who gets left behind. It’s like racism has kept this county underdeveloped. And it’s kept them underdeveloped, which has spillover effects in terms of life expectancy.”

This sewage crisis in Alabama is a public health crisis, which is also a racist and discrimination crisis. This is destroying the quality of life in the community, and many of the residents are sick.

Catherine Coleman Flowers, an environmental activist and MacArthur “genius grant” recipient who grew up in Lowndes County, has been working on the waste problem in the county for years.“I call it America’s dirty secret,” she said. “Because it largely exists in rural communities and poor communities, and most people, when they find out about it, they’re shocked. They don’t believe that it’s a reality in this country.”

When America spends $13.6 billion in Ukraine, and continues to spend more money, the question must be asked, “What happens to the people sick and dying in America?

These conditions are not just happening in rural parts of the state, but travel to poor sections of any state, and there is an environmental public health crisis. It is easy to look in a different direction, but people are sick and dying.

Racism is a public health crisis, and April is minority health month. When a Black woman offers outhouses as a way of improving a raw sewage problem, which has existed for years, there are fundamental problems in the leadership. Instead of spending millions to correct a problem, they tell the community it is their responsibility to fix.

It is so easy to not care in American, because that is done every day. When small environmental problems are not corrected, they continue to grow until they are a crisis, and people begin to die.  Poor people deserve to live a quality life; we just need our leaders to tell the truth and care.

 Voter Propaganda from Republicans is Destroying Democracy

          The Republicans are winning the propaganda war in America in 2022.  They are misleading about 45% of Americans into thinking that the Democrats are too liberal, and many no longer believe in God, and Christianity. With God and conservatism on their side, the Republicans can win the Senate and the House in 2022.

There are more Blacks deciding to become Republicans or independents, because racism and discrimination has slowed down, and getting better every day. The Blacks who are screaming and protesting about discrimination are trouble makers, and radical. There is nothing holding back Black people but their thinking, and them refusing to get an education.

Many White people believe that the United States is committing reverse discrimination against their race, and it is not fair. White men believe that many of their women are plotting against them, and the society is no longer supporting their thinking and philosophy. Many White men want things to go back, to when they were in control, and no one challenged their authority.

If you want to see what Republicans are doing to destroy Democracy, you have to look no further than Florida, and Governor Ron DeSantis. The State of Florida is a primary controlled Republican state and is passing all kinds of Draconian laws. Starting with an abortion ban, to voter suppression laws, and to controlling what is taught in school.

Many Democrats find these laws discriminatory, but the Republican legislatures are passing them, and the governors are signing them. Again the Republicans are winning the opinion and propaganda war, and the Democrats must blame themselves.

It is very easy to say that the Republicans don’t have any ideas to run on, but they are busy passing bills and laws. Republicans across the country have introduced 137 pieces of legislation at the state level to limit what teachers are allowed to teach their students. Discussions about race, gender, and sexual orientation will not be allowed if the laws are passed in their state.

This is going to set our education systems back generations, but the Republicans think they are right for the country. Governor DeSantis also wants to regulate what can be said in the classrooms, which could be controlled by cameras. This sounds crazy, but Governor DeSantis has signed and passed a bill, that does not allow abortions after 15 weeks.

This is not just happening in Florida, but where ever there is a Republican Governor, the same kinds of laws are being introduced and signed. Former President Trump loyalists are moving to take over state legislatures all over the country, and Trump’s power appears to be growing.

Anti-protest legislation has been introduced in over 35 states across the country, and some have been passed. With new restrictive voting laws being passed, the Republicans have a plan to win in 2022.

When hundreds of polling places are being shut down all over the country, and you have to wait five hours to vote, the Republican plan is working. It is no accident in the White community; you only have to wait 15 to 20 minutes.

As more people of color and poor people get frustrated with the election system, the Republicans win. When the John Lewis Voter Rights Advancement Act is shut down in the Senate, the Republicans win. When voter must wait 6 to 10 hours to vote with no water, the Republicans win.

It is very easy for Democrats to think they have the best ideas, but the Republicans are playing dirty, and they will cheat and lie to win. The Republicans are winning the propaganda and opinion war, and they must be stopped, and voted out of office.

 Everywhere You Look in America You Find A Black Footprint

It is very easy to get frustrated with Black people when you start looking for problems within our community. The first glaring issues in the Black community are drugs, alcohol and Black men struggling with manhood. The system is set up for Black men to fail, and Black women struggle to love their men.

A large percentage of Black women follow the teaching of Christianity, and many Black men struggle and challenge the teaching of Jesus Christ. Since there is confusion in the Black church with men and women, this topic is suppressed and not talked about. Many Black men see the preacher as a scam artist, who is only concerned with growing their flock.

Seventy (70%) percent of Black women in America are single parents, and with a large percentage of Black men in jail – we must ask, “Where is the love?”

There is confusion and a disagreement in the Black community on what success is and what failure is.  From a sociological, economical, and political point of view in the last 50 years, there has been tremendous achievements and progress for Black people. In 1964 when the Civil Rights Act became law there were only 5 members of Congress, and now there are 58 and 3 Black Senators.

In 1964 the Black footprint in Congress was very small, but in 2022 it continues to grow and expand. In 2008 there was the first Black president, President Barack Obama, and now there is the first Black/multi-cultural woman Vice-President, Vice-President Kamala Harris. It is time for Black people to be positive and build on our success.

On the Supreme Court the longest running jurist is a Black Man Judge Clarence Thomas. When the new jurist is confirmed to the highest Court she will be a Black Woman, Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson.

In states with local elections there are so many Black state legislatures in office or running for office, many times no one knows they are Black. Now many candidates are judged by the level of their work and commitment, as opposed by the color of their skin. In the major cities many of the mayors are Black, and across the country many city commissioners are Black.

With all this Black success in American politics, many Blacks have been lethargic and not enthusiastic about our progress.  Many Black men are not registered to vote, and many Blacks who are 18 to 25 are lazy about voting and are not educated about the importance of voting. Again many Blacks are not following our ancestor’s footprints, and all we have to do now is be engaged and take control of power.

There is still overt racism, oppression, and discrimination, but Blacks are entering professions and businesses that were once denied and blocked are opening up. There are more CEOs and superstars who are successful Black activists, scholars, social commentators, writers, screenwriters, artist, musicians and athletes, who are leaving their footprints for the next generations.

Since the sixties Blacks are moving into middle-class and earning undergraduate and advanced degrees, receiving higher wages and increased household incomes. With all this new found prosperity, Blacks are now traveling around the world and our footprint continues to expand.

Economically there are Black Billionaires and there are many more Black millionaires.  Black businesses are expanding across the country, and they need the support and patronized by the community.

Finally, the concept of Black identity is growing and Black immigrants, Caribbean’s, and Black Hispanics now consider Black as their race. With this new influx in communities and neighborhoods, the footprint is challenging and what is considered Black.

The people of color are shocking and shaking the foundation of America, and leadership will reflect diversity and minorities. The clock is moving forward, pay close attention to the beauty and power of the Black footprint.

 Governor DeSantis has Failed Black, Poor and Middle-Class Floridians

There is a culture war going on in Florida in 2022, and it starts with the Republican Party. The Republican Party is in power in the state, and they make the rules, and there appears that the Democrats cannot stop this train. This has happened all over the country, where the GOP is in control.

Governor DeSantis is the leader of the Republican Party in Florida, and he will do anything to stay in power. He is a bully, and he does not care if he hurts Florida families, as long as he is able to continue to get donations from GOP mega-donors.

“In Florida, conversations about race and sexuality are more dangerous than aging buildings in the aftermath of Surfside condo collapse. Schools books need more scrutiny than rising property insurance premiums. Lies about widespread election fraud are more urgently addressed then real sky-high housing and renting cost,” says the Miami Herald Editorial Board.

It is obvious that many are upset with the way our governor is managing the government, but it appears that the Democrats don’t have a voice. In the last few months in Florida, car insurance has increased, and the only thing Floridians can say is the rates have gone up.

The Florida Legislature was largely driven by DeSantis’s agenda, and Republicans don’t mind hurting suffering Floridians, and it starts with power. The mainstream media is calling the governor’s agenda, a cultural war, but Black and people of color are calling it racist and discriminatory.

With Ex-President Trump and Governor DeSantis running the state, and Republican strong holds in the country, people are afraid and scared.  Instead of coming up with solutions that improve the quality of life for all Floridians, racism is alive and well.

The Governor has supported some of the most divisive legislation, which amounted to bad politics, and bad public policy. In the 2022 Florida Legislature session passed a $112.1 billion spending plan, and they will have to have a special session to approve the congressional maps.

Throughout the entire session the Democrats appeared to be invisible leaving the Republicans in control. There are many bills that need to be vetoed, because they are racists and discriminatory, but this session was about “red meat.”

Governor DeSantis, and many Republicans want to turn back the hands of time, and stop Blacks and people of color, from discussing the reality of slavery, racism, and discrimination. The Republicans are calling this the “critical race theory and limit the way race can be discussed in classrooms, and at business meetings.

Very few Americans know what critical race theory is but from their perspective, it is not good for White people. Many White people are tired of Black people talking about racism, and any law that stops people from talking about discrimination is a good law.

There are other bills that will be sent to the governor that limits abortion to 15 weeks, prohibits discussion on LGBTQ issues, and creates a police force to pursue election crimes. It does not matter if there is integrity in these bills, but what is important is red meat for many Republicans in Florida.

Many leaders in Florida would not try to hide public notices, but Republicans in this session has passed a law to bury vital information from their constituents. With this law HB 7049 lawmakers would no longer be required to post government meeting on budgets, code enforcements, and hazardous waste disposal notices in third-party publications.

With the high cost of rent, and Floridians struggling to pay high utilities bills, it would make sense for the legislature to help decrease high bills for the state. When 98 people die at Surfside-condo because of bad regulations for 40 years, someone in the legislature should care, and create a bill or start a study.

It is time for a change in Florida, and our government must start serving all families and Floridians’ interest and needs. Governor DeSantis does not care about all the people in the state, and he is a bully, which must be replaced.

    Credit Cards Will Keep You Going Backwards Instead of Forward

I am not a financial expert, an accountant or a bookkeeper, but most people in America are in debt. Many owe on a home and a number of other bills each month, and this week the focus of the article is credit card debt. Credit cards are a way that America is able to buy items and things that they don’t have cash for.

Debt is a reality in 2022, and younger Americans are taught at an early age to charge things when they have no cash. When they are hungry they charge food, when they want some new clothes they charge it. The majority of this stuff, they do not need but they are consumers, and it feels good.

It is obvious that many Americans don’t pay attention or read the fine print on their statement. They are unaware when the payment is due. Credit card is a vicious cycle, and many people are late when they pay their monthly credit card bill.

According to “Wallet Hub,” 42 million Americans expect to miss credit card due dates in 2022.  There are many different reasons such as, lack of money, big spenders, not paying attention to the due date, too many bills, and in some homes 5 to 10 credit cards. The average balance of credit cards in most households is $8,000, and in 2022 Americans are $859 billion in debt.

As many Americans are struggling with paying their due date on their balances, there is a negative chain reaction from the credit card company. Each time the customer is late paying their credit card, there is a $38 late fee with only a 1 day grace period. There now is a higher penalty for using the credit card on new purchases, and the average APR is raised although everything cost more.

If a customer has 5 credit cards and they are late for each one during the month, they pay the credit company an extra $175 each month in late fees. When the customer pays only the minimum payment there is a warning on the statement that it will take 11 years to pay off the credit card. The company also charges interest and other miscellaneous charges.

Very few credit card holders pay off the entire balance in full each month. Most Americans are stuck, and they make a payment every month, and they are caught in the vicious cycle of credit card debt.

As a result of the pandemic in 2022, it now cost 19. 5 % to purchase a new credit card. The credit companies are charging almost 20% to use their money, and if you have a bad track record everything cost more.

Many Americans don’t understand why they pay every month, and their balance stays the same or increases. It is obvious they are late, they pay only the minimum payment, and they have high penalties on their bill.

If Americans are doing badly with paying off their credit cards, Blacks are in worse shape.

Blacks must study their credit card statement each month and pay before the due date. Pay off the card in full every month if possible, and pay more than the minimum payment. Lower the number of credit cards in the household and lower the balances. Control when you use your card and it should be used for emergencies only.

Discipline is the key to not going in debt with credit cards.  There are times when you need a credit card, but pay it off in full at the end of each month. Climbing out of debt is not easy, but your credit score is important when spending money on major items and capital goods.  Talk to a financial planner and don’t forget to invest. Move forward not backward.

 Russian President Putin is A Catastrophe and Global Disaster

Many earthlings would refuse to admit that many of the White people on the planet are out of control. There are only ten percent of the inhabitants on the planet earth are White, and they have lost their spiritual and human connection to people. When ex-president Donald Trump and other White people consider Putin a great man, they fit the category of insanity.

As President Putin continue an unprovoked war with his neighbor Ukraine, none of the other European countries on the planet fight back to protect Ukraine. Putin has proven to the world that he is a bully, and to stop him, you must have an organized coalition that will stand up against him.

“The sanctions almost instantly put Russian President Putin on the defense against skyrocketing inflation. Russia’s central bank, unable to tap foreign reserves, tried to use what resources it had to slow the ruble steep decline,” says Josh Boak – reporter of the Associated Press.

The sanctions are working, and President Biden was right, but many of the Republicans think they are not working fast enough. In a world that is globalized, digital, and highly dependent on accessing money, there is still a war, where people are dying with real bullets.

President Biden has taken the position, that sanctions will be used as a substitute for direct military action, but the cities in Ukraine are being demolished. Not only are the cities being demolished, but the nuclear power plants are being taken over by the Russian army. As strategic resources are being captured, the urban cities are being captured, and there must be a cease-fire.

In a country where over 44 million people live, the cities now look like a ghost town. There is no water, very little food, and the electricity is off. “In a warning of a hunger crisis yet to come, the U.N. World Food Program has said millions of people inside Ukraine, a major global wheat supplier, will need food aid immediately,” says Yuras Karmanu, reporter of Associated Press.

Earlier in the 11 days of the war, the Russian defense minister said it had agreed with Ukraine on evacuation routes, to allow children, women, and older adults to flee the fighting in certain cities. This cease-fire lasted less than a day, because Russian artillery fire and airstrikes prevented residents from leaving.

There is no way that the two countries that live as neighbors, understand the goal, and the reason why they are fighting. Madness is a sick mental state, and at any time, Putin’s war can go beyond the country of Ukraine.

Ukraine President Zelenskyy is ready to sit down with Russian President Putin to arrive at a sustained, cease-fire, but Russia remains the aggressor. Putin continues to warn the U.N. , that a no fly zone over Ukraine would be considered a hostile act, but none of the other countries’ presidents have told Putin, his acts to Ukraine has been hostile to the planet.

Many countries that belong to the U.N. are asking that Putin be investigated with the International Criminal Court. They believe that Putin has committed crimes against humanity, and he and his country must be held accountable for their war crimes.

Amnesty International has stated that Putin has indiscriminately attacked civilian areas, bombed protected areas such as hospitals, schools, power stations, and nuclear plants. These are war crimes, which can be found in the Geneva Convention. It is extremely ironic that the US, China, Russia, and Israel are not members of the international criminal court.

 As Putin continues to bully the world, no country wants a third world war, with nuclear weapons. Somehow the United Nations must get Putin to sit down and talk about what it would take to end the war and invasion of Ukraine.  

13 Million People in Eastern Africa Impacted with Drought and Famine

In the next six to eight years, Africa will be the most populous Continent on the planet earth. Africa has one of the youngest groups of inhabitants in the world, and will continue to make babies and grow. There is confusion and war everywhere, but very few news agencies are discussing the drought catastrophe in Africa.

“Harvests are ruined, livestock are dying, and hunger is growing as recurrent droughts affect the Horn of Africa,” said Michael Dunford, UN Regional Director in the World Food Programmed Regional Bureau for Eastern Africa. “The conditions have decimated livestock, forcing thousands in a region where many are farmers into displacement camps. We never experienced this before.”

The Horn of Africa is the easternmost extension of the continent, which includes the countries of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ertrea, Somalia, parts of Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda. This is the driest conditions in over four decades, and fueled in part by climate change.

Even though the situation is bad, things are not out of control if the world acts immediately. The United Nations children’s agency has warned that children will die or suffer from life-long cognitive or physical damage without quick action to avoid famine. In four countries 5.5 million children are threatened with acute malnutrition if they do not receive help and assistance.

This is not the first time on the continent that there has been famine and drought, but with new technology, and collaboration from a diversity of organizations there is hope. There was a drought and a famine a decade ago, and it killed hundreds of thousands of Africans, and no one wants a rerun of those conditions.

It is extremely important that the world is aware of the conditions that exists in the countries in Africa, and put together a plan to provide resources to drought regions. There are countries in Africa, who are in a position to provide assistance to their neighboring countries. These countries must demand, and ask the United Nations, wealthy African Americans, and billionaires for resources and assistance.

The world is too small and too many billionaires who are in a position to help, with a short-term emergency relief plan to curtail the crisis. There are food productions and food security issues all over the world, and there are challenges with clean water and food shortages. With food shortages and the concept of food security there are six dimensions: 1, availability, 2, access, 3, stability, 4, utilization, 5, agency, and 6, sustainability.

According to William G. Moseley, DeWitt Wallace Professor of Geography, Director of Food, Agriculture & Society Program, Macalester College says, “There are also regions where several countries – for example, Somalia, Ethiopia, Mali, and Burkina Faso – are racket by political instability and conflict. This affects the stability of markets that farmers and herders use for food purchases, input needs and sales. They are just as critical as rainfall.”

There is no one answer to famine and drought in Africa, and it will take resources, finances, scientist, and a diversity of institutions that can come together to assist. There will be a number of vulnerable food systems, and a need for collaborations, and information exposed to the world.

Without the mainstream media, and the Black media casting a light on the story this continent will continue to suffer in silence. There are too many other lead stories to be concerned about. Globalization, modern development, the pandemic, and war are discussed every day, but where is the discussion of drought and the famine in Africa?

There are 13 million Africans across the Horn of Africa that face severe hunger, and 5.5 million are children. Africa is at the brink of a catastrophe if there is no immediate action in the world.

Who really cares in a continent, where the people are darker than blue?

 America is coming Together—Ask Sinema and Manchin

Voter rights are a crisis in America in 2022, and the mid-term election is critical for the Democrats and Democracy. Many citizens are not aware that “Democrats fall in love and the Republicans fall in line.”

The Democrats like to prove that they have an opinion, and they will argue their point, instead of falling in line. On the other hand, the Republicans fall in line, and they know the Party will guarantee millions of dollar during their campaign. The Republican leadership is not interested in what you think, they are interested in winning.

Last week the Senate voted 48-52 against changing the chamber’s filibuster rules, because Democrats Sinema and Manchin voted with the Republicans. This came as no surprise, but it indicated that the Democrats are not unified with their goals and plans.

“Had it passed, the rules change would have enabled lawmakers to bring back a talking filibuster specifically for a voting rights bill that includes the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. It would have allowed Senators to pass the voting rights bill with a simple majority, once debate on the measure had ended,” says Vox reporter – Li Zhau.

With such a slim margin in the Senate, the Democrats cannot win if they are not united. The Arizona Democratic Party’s executive committee formally censured Senator Sinema, as a result of her decision to support the Republicans. The American Democracy is being challenged every day with lies, racism, and corruption. Why are Sinema and Manchin working with the Republican Party?

“On the matter of the filibuster and the urgency to protect voting rights, we have been crystal clear. In the choice between an archaic legislative norm and protecting Arizonans’ right to vote, we choose the latter, and we always will,” Chairwoman Raquel Teran said in a statement.

“While we take no pleasure in this announcement, the ADP Executive Board has decided to formally censure Senator Sinema as a result of her failure to do whatever it takes to ensure the health of our democracy.” Finally Democrats are holding Senators in their party accountable for their votes on a bill. When members in the party organize and raise money for a candidate to win, they have to fall in line.

It is obvious that Sinema and Manchin are confused with where the majority of their fundraiser dollars are coming from. It is time for a change, when 2 Senators cannot fall in line.

The midterm election in 2022is about winning, and it starts with registering Americans to vote, and a massive educational campaign. The young people and the independents will determine if the Democrats win.

When only 25% of the registered voters’ in a local election determine who wins, the Democrats and the Republicans are doing a terrible job. Everything starts with education, and citizens must start believing that their vote matters.

President Obama proved that young people, Black people, Spanish people, and senior citizens mattered, and it should matter more in 2022. Many political experts and pundits believe that the Black vote was the deciding factor that put President Biden over the top, and helped him win the election.

Without a doubt, there will be more Blacks and people of color running in the midterm election, locally, statewide, and nationally. If the Democrats are organized, educated, registered, and showing up at the polls, we will win.

It is time for the Democrats to fall in line, and we can win all over the country. A massive education campaign will bring Democrats and Americans together, with or without Sinema and Manchin.

  January 6th Organized Insurgency and Growing Larger Everyday

In 2022, Democracy in America is in crisis, and who is really a patriot?  On January 6, 2021, there was an assault on the U. S. Capitol, and there is no agreement on what to call what happened. The Republicans are calling the event, “a riot that got out of control.” The Democrats are calling the event, “an attempted coup or insurrections,” and this must never happen again.

“The first anniversary of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 will no doubt bring plenty of commentary and analysis on the shocking moment, when we and the world saw that the United States, too, is a fragile democracy, as vulnerable to demagoguery and the exploitation of populist sentiment as anywhere else in the world,” says the Catholic News Service.

America may not know what to call Jan. 6, but the incident was violent, bloody, people died, and this was the day, there was a transfer of power with the counting and ratifying of votes. There should be an agreement by all Americans, and by everyone in Congress, that the event broke the laws, it was wrong, and everyone who participated in the event must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“Yet one year later, even while a House committee continues its investigation of the storming of the Capitol and various rioters on that day are prosecuted and sentenced, the degree to which our elected officials feel any sense of urgency in mounting a response – or even to provide an account of – the events of Jan. 6 has become a largely partisan position,” says the Catholic News Service.

There is something wrong in America, when the ex-president of America lied every day, and now there is a bigger lie that he won the election, and people in the Republican Party are silent. Not only are they silent about the big lie, but they are also silent about the insurrection on Jan. 6.

As more Republicans and conservatives support the “Big Lie,” Trump becomes more powerful, and more Americans think the government needs to be overturned. Many believe that there should be another civil war, because there is a major power shift in the country. More people in the country are people of color, and many Republicans are having problems sleeping at night.

In states all around the country the Republicans and governors are trying to purge the voting poll lists, and make it harder to vote. This battle is just starting, and the Republicans will eventually lose the war.

America is not going back, but it is going forward, and the youth will change the country. The youth has always made the changes in America, and they will make the changes again.

As more youth are voted into office, and more youth will be activates in and outside the system, people will start listening. There will always be more young people than old folks, and soon they will ensure that Democracy works and is functional.

The mass media and the Black media are telling only one side of the story, because there are many young organizations that are supporting election reform and voter rights. It is incumbent that the youth make it easier to vote, with standardize election rules, more mail in ballots, and easier to register to vote.

Even though there was an attempted coup, and it appears to be growing, Democracy in America is strong, and it is getting stronger. The battle for the soul of America has started, and it is time to speak up, and tell the truth.

“They need to be held accountable, and that includes anyone who helped organize the event – all the way to the former president. Trump and the rest of those guys should be in jail more than the rioters,” says Democratic voter Stafford Keels.