Who is A Racist and What Makes Them A Racist?

Most Democrats and Liberals do not want to be called a racist. They are comfortable calling President Trump and many of his Republicans’ supporters’ racists.  Most White people do not believe they are racist, but the majority in their neighborhood is White.

Here is a story that illustrates how many Whites really think about Blacks in their White neighborhoods. Four African American teens were going door to door to raise money for their high school football team. As they approached Jerri Kelly’s home, she called the Wynne Police Department, and reported, “Suspicious persons – All males were African American, and I know this residence to be White.”

As the teens were walking up her driveway, she picked up her revolver, and came out and asked what they were doing. Even though they weren’t stealing, Kelly told police she instructed them to get on the ground and spread their legs. When the officers arrived they found the teens lying face-down on the ground, with their hands behind their backs, and Kelly standing about 10 feet from them with the gun drawn.

Once the police arrived, the situation was defused, and Kelly shook the teen’s hands. The question must be asked, why the first reaction from the White woman was to get her gun. Even though most White people live in communities which are 80% White and about 60% of them have a gun. In America there are over 400 million guns, and 65% of the residents don’t own a gun. The other 35% who own guns, the majority are White, and from their perspective they are not racist.

Recently, many major media networks have been calling President Trump a racist, but former Senator Jeff Flake in an interview said, “I understand the reluctance to throw terms like that around. I never have and never will call the president a racist. But to try to deny that was a racist statement, ‘Go back where you came from’ is an awful statement to make.”

Even though Republicans admit that the President makes statements again and again that are racists, the majority of Republicans and conservatives remain quiet. In fact, many Whites believe that many Liberals are trying to commit genocide against them, and they are ecstatic that The President is speaking up trying to protect their culture.

“I’ve been saying to White Americans for years that they need to start speaking up, because they have allowed this to happen for 50 years, and they need to get over this fear of being called a racists, and they have trained other young Blacks that Jesse Jackson and others can get away with intimidating us,” says Rev Jesse Lee Peterson.

It is obvious, that many Whites don’t care in 2019, if they are called a racist, because President Trump does not care what the fake news says about him. Many Whites are tired of hearing about discrimination, and they believe they are getting a bad deal from their own country. They consider themselves patriots, and they are receiving “reverse discrimination.”

In 2019, it is very difficult to identify, who is a racist and who is not. When the President described those from Africa or Haiti as coming from s___hole countries, this language is not considered racist, and it has become normalized. It is easier to keep quiet, but there is a textbook definition of racism.

Racism explicitly means not just an individual thinking or expressing racially skewed bias, and animus toward another group, but having the actual power to exert control and dominance through the mechanisms of law, public policy, and economic dominance over that group.

As America works to become a more perfect union, racism must become a word that needs to be discussed on many different levels in many different forums. Many Democrats and Liberals who are White live in a community that is 80% White, and I wonder what would be their reaction, when four African American young men ring their doorbell.

Racism does not have to be blatant to be racist. You may have Black friends, but racism is systemic and Americans practice it every day.

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